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Not Even Nonsense

Post by Open Book, Alias Fathom on Fri Oct 30, 2009 5:35 pm

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I 'had' a dream would have eventually Rev. Martin Luther King say by now.
And the great way of our society needs to iconize supporting attributes to answer all their problems,
And not just make patches for conduct's plea.

People pretty don't do drugs for a stupid stimulus,
they are actually fit for the fit more than whatsoever upside up exaggerated woes.

In announcing spirit, I see allot of stubbornness, way off the boat,
Like a hardened shell that can eventually break.

Yes people want respect,
But how much respect are we really after that we may deserve individually?

It takes courage to become great, and the action would be more legit as to not be so selfish after all.

Written By Myself-
Yes I can.

Open Book, Alias Fathom

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