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Unity Hero

Post by TigersEyeDowsing on Fri Oct 09, 2009 9:37 am

CNN is currently sponsoring a “CNN Heroes” award for everyday people who are involved with humanitarian projects around the globe. There are 10 finalists, and the winner will receive a $100,000 award for their foundation or project work.

One of those candidates is Jordan Thomas, a member of Unity of Chattanooga church along with his parents, Liz and Vic Thomas. After a tragic boating accident in 2005, Jordan lost both his legs below his knees. Due to the tireless help of his parents, both of whom are respected doctors, and the financial resources available from his family, Jordan not only received top medical care, but also access to the best prosthetics available. Today, he is a healthy college student and scratch golfer who can hit a golf ball 300 yards.

While still in the hospital, Jordan saw first-hand that many children and young adults were not as fortunate as he, and did not have the resources to ever lead a normal life after their accident. (Typically, insurance companies will only pay for prosthetics once, while most children will outgrow them within 12 to 18 months.) Shortly after getting out of the hospital, he formed the Jordan Thomas Foundation with the mission of providing prosthetics for those children who would otherwise not be able to afford them.

Unity of Chattanooga has supported Jordan, Liz, and Vic throughout their ordeal with our prayers, love, and encouragement. Their story of overcoming personal tragedy, seeing the need of others in similar situations, and creating a foundation and network to help, is one of the most inspiring and professional demonstrations I’ve ever seen. The foundation is helping children one heart-filling child at a time, and so far the results are incredible. And yet, there is so much more that can be done.

All of us at Unity of Chattanooga would appreciate your help and support for the Jordan Thomas Foundation. You can learn more about Jordan ’s story and work from his foundation’s website: www.jordanthomasfoundation.org. You can help support this work by casting your vote for Jordan on the CNN website:


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