May I Suggest a Sticky for Intros?

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May I Suggest a Sticky for Intros?

Post by Bette The Red on Sat Sep 05, 2009 1:33 pm

Hi, it's Bette, and as usual, I begin with an idea to stir things up, that being my province...

Please make a sticky thread, call it Intros (or similar), and we won't all have to feel like we're advertising for the largest popular response when we just want to say "hi".

*Bette wanders off, sure that somewhere here is 'her' chair, with the wide arms to hold stacks of books, and stray dangling legs, and her pipe, and the afghan for impromptu snoozes, and a cat or two*

It's usually in something called The Dawg, or The Porch, or summat, if someone could kindly point me in the general direction.

Oh, and BTW, although it will always be The Red, I have finally, after 25 years of henna-ing to a fine bright copper, let my hair return to its natural colour. It's not really red now, more a wyrd strawberry honey gold-ish colour, still almost spookily without a single strand of grey. (I turned 50 this year and have been a biological Crone for several years.) Does anyone else remember the lovely story embedded in "My Family and Other Animals" where Gerald describes the frail, ancient mother of his eccentric new Corfu tutor? I can't find the book because my libraries are in a renovation-uproar, but this very old woman had a curtain of thick, beautiful, vibrant, waving red hair that, could she have stood upright, would have fallen to the ground, and resembled a living thing more than its owner, who something of a mere shell.

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