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Nashville, call me

Post by Davelaw on Fri Jul 24, 2009 11:01 pm

Here is the country song I wrote this afternoon (just lyrics/no music)
not radio play appriopriate

What Mickey Said

It was High School
none of us had been with a girl
we heard the voice of this little squirrel
put this pill in her drink
its easier than you think
and she'll do what you want
its called a roofie
and we said what Mickie said to Minnie
Are you fucking Goofy?
They call that rape
if thats what it takes to experience sex
we think we can wait
I knew you were silly
didn't know you were stupid
You must be fucking Goofy

My nephew's 18
spends all night on the Net
says look at me
I don't need a degree
I'll be a millionaire when I write the best game yet
What Mickey said...
Are you fucking Goofy?
18 and don't have a license or a car
won't get you very far
If you want to be rich some day
then write your game
and stop playing them
You must be fucking Goofy

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