oineach (honour)

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oineach (honour)

Post by Gorm_Sionnach on Thu Jul 16, 2009 7:22 pm

I'm curious how my fellow Recons and other religions which hold honour as a worthy virtue, incorporate the value of honour into their ethical and moral beliefs. While I believe people are perfectly capable of living with honour, the meaning of the word (and its applications) differs significantly between the tribal/ clan based idea of honour and the modern understanding, being based on the individual and not a group.

From the Gaelic perspective, oineach was bound up in the importance of being well regarded and respected by one's family, clan, country, etc. and not losing that respect by being disrespected by another, or acting in a dishonourable manner. This is juxtaposed with the modern concept of honour in which the ability of an individual to adhere to an ethical system or code, despite what a peer group or community thinks, is held to be virtuous.

How do you reconcile the first with the second; the group with the individual?

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