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Re: Alright.....

Post by allthegoodnamesweretaken on Wed Mar 13, 2013 10:42 am

Just spent 2 hours in a combination of feeding my son and typing only to have the internet eat my post. Ok, the gist is.

1. I have happy memories growing up and hunting/plinking with my dad and my friends. I want my son to be able to experience that, or at least have the potential to.

2. There is a for side, and an against side. The against side wants us to "meet them in the middle" and "compromise". We have already done so. Let me ask you, how many times can a pro side and a con side meet in the middle on any issue before the middle is the con side?

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Re: Alright.....

Post by DeavonReye on Wed Mar 13, 2013 12:42 pm

Interesting question, All. I think it is okay to have SOME checkpoints to keep criminals from getting guns [though they can find them black market style], . . . but I feel like I have given well than enough grounds in order to have firearms. Everytime I buy one I have to have the same "check" done. Pass every time, . . . but it is just a record of what I have IF the government decides that "no one should have any guns". Businesses will have to comply and give over all those forms 4473.

All, I had those times in the past when my family went out to target shoot. Good times. :-)

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