Stone and Steel

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Stone and Steel

Post by John T Mainer on Mon Oct 01, 2012 10:14 pm

Old and worn the stone he takes
Nicked and scored the blade
Stiff and sore he begins the dance
The song of stone and steel

Ancient song, warrior spell
Conjure spirits for to guide
Warrior arts need older ways
Than chant or graven rune

Slow and steady, stone and steel
First to clear the grime
Battered blade, o treasured blade
What stories you could tell

Smoother now, the easy strokes
The rhythm finds itself
Mind now peaceful, spirit rules
In the place of stone and steel

Drifting now, the veil grows thin
The waking mind adrift
Soul the seeker, steel the guide
Pain the sweet refrain

He sees her now, the golden one
So swiftly works her loom
Golden hair with silver threads
Eyes of ice and steel

Shuttling swift the careworn hands
The fates of men to bind
Kings and Carls, mothers and babes
Her weaving to reveal

The song of shuttle and of loom
The song of stone and steel
The mother’s hands to father’s call
Her hearth all fires home

Before her trembling do I stand
My hands still keep their work
Nicks and notches in the blade
The scars of honest work

Threads new broken mar her work
Such things are mortal’s lives
Weaver’s arts find strength in these
Find beauty even in loss

Stone and steel have brought me here
Rage and shame demand
Such wisdom lies beyond my arts
Beyond the warrior’s ken

Behind me looms the Raven Lord
Behind me the Battleglad
His rage and power mine by right
A curse and blessing both

Pain is mine with every breath
Pain until I die
Rage when power must I call
Peace when I abide

His the ways of snarling rage
Against all outer foe
Hers the ways to endure in peace
Hers the frithful hearth

Stone and steel, the ancient song
Hers the shuttle and loom
Apprentice in her mysteries
Though master of my own

Stone and steel I put aside
My blade shines full restored
Spirit strengthened through the Mother’s art
At peace within the pain

To Frigga, Wisest of women, hearth mistress.
For Christine, keeper of my hearth, and my soul.

Fiat justitia ruat caelum
"Let justice be done, though the heavens fall."
John T Mainer

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