What Pooh Taught Me About Being Transgender

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What Pooh Taught Me About Being Transgender

Post by TaoOfTheRaven on Fri Nov 19, 2010 7:39 pm

A Walk In The Hundred Acre Woods

It was a Very Fine Spring Day, which happens often as not around here, except when it doesn’t, and I was walking through the woods, humming to myself and wondering where I was going to get breakfast when I happened upon my friend, Piglet.

“Good morning, Piglet”, I said, in a Very Fine Spring Day Sort Of Voice, which Piglet likes to hear. “Good morning, Leslie”, he replied. “Where are you off to this morning?” “Oh”, I said, “I’m going to find something Crumbly and Smackerly to eat.” “May I join you?”, he asked. “Sure”, I replied, and we wandered off down the path, and soon came upon a sort of thing that looked exactly like a Bear Who’s Head Was Full Of Stuffing.

“Good morning”, I said to the Bear Who’s Head Was Full Of Stuffing , for you never know when those sorts of Bears will suddenly decide that people who are walking through the woods are Crumbly and Smackerly themselves. “Good morning, Pooh”, said Piglet. “This is my friend, Lester… uhh, I mean Leslie”.

Pooh looked up at me (for although he was indeed a Bear Who’s Head Was Full Of Stuffing, he was the Small Sort Of Bear Who’s Head Was Full Of Stuffing) and then Piglet and said, “Well…. Is it a Lester or a Leslie?” Piglet kind of stammered and said, “uumm-um, w-well..”, at which point I replied, “I used to be Lester, now I’m Leslie”. Pooh thought this over for a moment, then replied, “Ok… Are you two going to find something Crumbly and Smackerly?” Piglet and I both thought Pooh was a very Smart Sort Of Small Bear Who’s Head – well, you know, for realizing this, and Pooh seemed to agree, so we all three set off down the path.

Soon we came upon a creature, a sort of grey, dour, Looking At It’s Own Tail To See When It Falls Off sort of creature. “Good morning, Eeyore”, said Piglet. “Good morning, Eeyore”, said Pooh. “Good morning, Eeyore”, I said, not wanting to be left out of the Morning Greeting Party.

“I don’t know if it’s all that good”, said Eeyore. “It’s worse than yesterday, and it might be worse than tomorrow. But I doubt it.” “And who’s this?” he asked Piglet, looking at me. “It’s sort of Leslie”, said Piglet, “She used to be called Lester”. “Oh” said Eeyore, “She doesn’t look much like a Sort Of Leslie” “That’s ok” I said to Eeyore, “I’m working on becoming the best Sort Of Leslie I can be”. “Well, good luck with that, but it’s probably not going to work”, said Eeyore. “Why not?” I asked. “Well”, said Eeyore, “It’s gonna cost a lot of money and time spent in hospitals and you’ll have to work at it. Then probably people will still call you by other names,anyways”. "Ahh”, I said, not knowing what else to say. We left Eeyore to his grumbling and went off down the path again. “Is he always like that?” I said. “Oh, no” said Piglet. “Somedays, he’s worse” said Pooh.

Soon we met up with a big feathered creature, wearing spectacles, reading a book (although I don’t think he could get much out of it, since it appeared to be upside down).

“Good morning, Owl” said Pooh. “Good morning, Owl” said Piglet. “Good morning, Owl” I said. “And who’s this?” asked Owl, peering at me suspiciously over the top of his wire-rimmed glasses, obviously a look designed as if to say Here Is A Person Of Knowledge And Importance. “This is a Sort Of Leslie”, said Piglet. “Hmpf”, said Owl. “Doesn’t look much like a Sort Of Leslie to me. Look at the size of those feet, and those hands. And it’s a very TALL Sort Of Leslie, isn’t it?” There wasn’t much we could say to that, either, so again we went off down the path, and soon came to Pooh’s house, where he found the Sort of Crumbly and Smackerly things we had been looking for.

Later, we were all laying on the grassy knoll, playing the Counting All The Clouds Shaped Like Other Things game (of which Piglet was winning, as he seemed to do most of the time) and I asked Piglet, “Why do you call me a Sort Of Leslie, instead of Leslie?” Piglet thought about it for a moment, then replied “Well, I think it’s because I knew you when you were a Sort Of Lester. What do you think, Pooh?” Pooh stared at the clouds for a moment, still counting, then replied, “What kind of Sort Of are you?” I replied, “I’m a Leslie” “Well, that’s all that matters, then, isn’t it?” he said.

You’re right, Pooh, you’re absolutely right.


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Re: What Pooh Taught Me About Being Transgender

Post by weirdfaery on Fri Nov 19, 2010 8:04 pm

Very nice. Very Happy

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