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For Sam Kinison fans

Post by DotNotInOz on Wed Nov 17, 2010 7:05 pm

Just got his brother Bill's biography, Brother Sam. It appears to be really well done, ghost written as you might expect, but a competent ghostwriter.

What an interesting life!

And for those of you into spooky last words, Bill Kinison was following Sam's car and was on the scene immediately after the accident. He reports that Sam said more than once, "Why now? Not now" and "I don't want to die," as if talking to someone.

Call this a dying man's hallucination if you like. I'm inclined to think that Kinison was attempting to argue out of it with who or whatever was waiting to bring him to the other side.

(Yeah, I always cheat on biographies of dead people and read about how they died before reading the book. Morbid, isn't it? Wink )

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