A new Hindu temple here... Saw Maya was in today and thought about this.

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A new Hindu temple here... Saw Maya was in today and thought about this.

Post by tmarie64 on Sun Oct 24, 2010 4:24 pm

Hindu Temple will be environmentally green

Finishing touches are being put on a building in western Henrico County that shows little Western influence -- from the outside.

The block masonry structure is a soon-to-be Hindu temple, one of the first religious buildings in the U.S. that will be certified under the U.S. Green Building Council's environmental program.

The style is eighth-century. The techniques are green and modern.

"We felt it was the socially responsible thing to do," said Vijay Ramnarain, an architectural consultant on the project.

The 20,000-square-foot building off Springfield Road faces east, where the sun rises, so the sun can shine on the gods, said Jayesh Kapadia, chairman of the board of trustees at the Hindu Center of Virginia.

Round and more pointed towers top the roof. A skylight-covered foyer lets in as much light as possible. A worship room with niches will house statutes of deities, and a separate section is a fire center for prayer.

The temple is one of three in the Richmond area but the only nondenominational one within the Hindu tradition, Ramnarain said. No meat or alcohol is allowed on the premises. The other area temples are in Chesterfield and Goochland counties.

This one looks similar to what one might see in India, only the temples there are more elaborate and not built to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards. Also, most temples in India center on one deity, not multiple ones.

This temple has it all... It's nondenominational... Interesting to me, cuz I did not know there were different denominations within Hinduism.
It's green... and, judging by the picture, which is too samll to really do it justice, it's beautiful too.

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Re: A new Hindu temple here... Saw Maya was in today and thought about this.

Post by TigersEyeDowsing on Sun Oct 24, 2010 4:41 pm

That sounds very cool! I don't have any experience with outright Hinduism, just the new-age practices that share in Hindu elements. It's a shame denominations in all faiths tend to have a hard time working together.

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