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Site Rules

Post by TigersEyeDowsing on Sun Apr 12, 2009 6:35 am

These are the rules for this forum.


1-This is a sacred place, and all persons meeting herein shall in all ways strive to keep the peace and treat each other with the respect owed to fellow seekers after truth. Members will treat other persons whose opinions and beliefs they disagree with in the same manner that they expect to be treated, without resorting to; personal insults, ad hominem, ad hoc, racist, sexist, or threatening messages towards any member of YourSpirituality respectfully.

2-All persons and faiths are equal in treatment in this place. If any official or moderator knows of any personal relationship that will interfere with their ability to, or the appearance of equitable dealings, will recuse themselves from any discussions involving said relationship.

3-All members agree they will abide by the rules and as a condition of the acceptance, agree to the following: The member alone is responsible for their conduct on YourSpirituality. If a member violates the rules they will be held accountable and are to comply with the punitive action of the admin/mods stated below. Further they will not spam, goad or defame the reputation of the admin/mods/yourspirituality as a result of their having violated the rules and having had corrective actions taken upon them.

First offense: Warning
Second offense: Warning
Third offense: Three-day ban
Fourth offense: Week-long ban
Fifth offense: Permanent ban

These exceptions will result in permanent bans on the first offense: Nigerian scammers (419 Scams), stalking and harassment, bot accounts and accounts set up to spam forums.
Warnings will be given by PM from a moderator or administrator. Warnings will expire after one week.
To prevent partiality, permanent bans will be performed by administrators after a review of the situation and a vote is taken.

4-This is a safe space. No material of a sexually offensive, obscene, threatening, or harassing nature is welcome here.

5-Do not feed the trolls: A troll is someone who purposefully incites discord, anger, confrontation and hostility for personal enjoyment. As such Trolls are not welcome on YourSpirituality and are in violation of the rules. Members are not to engage in discussions with Trolls, and are to report the thread to a mod or admin as soon as possible. Continuing to communicate with a thread which had been marked as a Troll thread is in violation of the rules.

6-Disagreement and opposition to the arguments of our fellows is permissible. Mocking or insulting those that you disagree with is not. Proselytizing (attempts at conversion) is not allowed unless in a specified board.

7-All statements made herein are true to the best knowledge of the poster.

8-All information supplied to the moderators (whether choosing to hide them or not) is true and accurate. Deliberate misrepresentation is cause for immediate banning.

9-The information posted here remains the property of the poster and may not be copied offsite, retransmitted, or printed without the prior permission of the author. Plagiarism is not allowed; if you quote from another website you must source where the information came from.

10-All members will respect the privacy of others and not post here or elsewhere information regarding the identity or location of other members without their prior written permission.

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