Some Vedanta (Advaita Hindu) metaphysical questions

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Some Vedanta (Advaita Hindu) metaphysical questions

Post by Michael5810 on Sat Aug 07, 2010 3:28 pm

I'd like to mention several questions that come up about Vedanta, and then suggest answers to them. I'd be interested in hearing others' answers as well.

Why did the Absolute (that's the innermost you) choose to experience vulnerable worldly life?

Vedantists have suggested various answers to that question, but most of them don't seem satisfactory to me.

Some spiritual teachers mysteriously hint that the worlds weren't created, and that, though the Absolute didn't create the worlds, it gave them relevance.

That, it seems to me, suggests a good answer to the question:

This world is one of infinitely many possibility worlds. They're all equally real (or unreal). What makes this possibility world different from the others? Merely the fact that we're in it, that we're characters in its story.

The nonexistence of the other possibility worlds is obvious from out standpoint. The obvious implication is that ours isn't real either. Of course it's real in its own context. It's real in the context of this life. If you kick a boulder, it seems very real, because it's as real as your body, because your persona is part of this possiblility world, a character in its story.

The possibililty worlds are just that: Possibilities. Possibility is not actuality. I read that Sankara attributes no ontological status to the worlds. I agree. The worlds are merely possibililty worlds, and don't exist.

But for how long have they not existed? They always didn't exist, of course.

"As I was walking on the stair
I met a man who wasn't there

He wasn't there again today
I wish, I wish he'd go away!"

Each conscious biological organism in such a world has its point of view. Its "from-the-inside view that is our experience". Regarding that organism's mind, or perception, its attributes, at any level, are knowable from an innermore level of that animal. And the more innermore the level, the less of the animal's personality is there, and the more general and abstract the perception, being, and experience is. At the innermost level, the innermost you, there are no attributes.

Anythiing that you can know, point to, describe, or name, isn't the innermost you.

So, at the center of each conscious being is pure, unconditioned, abstract, general Being. The Self. The Subject of experience.

So, it's as if the innermost you has infinitely many clones, at the center of each of the conscious beings, in all of the possibility worlds. I'm not implying that any of that is real. I'm talking about possibilities.

I suggest, and Vedanta suggests, that that Self is what fundamentally is. The Ultimate Reality.

So, why did the you, the Self, take experience in these possibility worlds? You didn't. There were the possibilities. It goes without saying that there are infinitely many possiblities for a world, and a being in that world. By the constitution of a biological organism, the Self is at its center. The possibility worlds were there, and so there you were.

You're real. The possibilities aren't. You were always there, and there were always the possibilities.

Out of time. Will resume later.


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