Surrender of Attachment to Results

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Re: Surrender of Attachment to Results

Post by meryem on Wed Aug 31, 2011 7:31 am


"Karma Yoga is essentially Acting, or doing one's duties in life as per his/her dharma, or duty, without attachment to results – a sort of constant sacrifice of action to the Supreme. It is action done without thought of gain. In a more modern interpretation, it can be viewed as duty bound deeds done without letting the nature of the result affect one's actions." -

Things that are done as part of one's moral duties are supposed to be done without any expectations of gains. Hence relieving oneself from attachment of worldly gains against them. It is just like saving someone's life without calculating possible gains from it.

Here leaving everything upon the will of god is stressed upon. Sooner or later each and every deed pays back. Just be in peace with his wishes...

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