Lucky or what?

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Lucky or what?

Post by DotNotInOz on Sun Jul 18, 2010 3:53 pm

We'd talked about holding onto our old minivan for a while in order to save up some money toward a new one. You just know that when a car other than one of the foreign makes goes much beyond 100,000 miles, it's only a matter of time before something expensive goes out on it. After seesawing back and forth, we decided the hell with it since 0% financing is still on plus several dealer incentives to clear out inventory for the arrival of the 2011's.

Hubby had a week's vacation 4th of July week, so we went car shopping. Found a really nice Chrysler Town & Country, basically updating our old one.

Since he wanted a platform lift for his powerchair instead of the swing-arm one in our old minivan, it was going to take until this past Friday to get the lift ordered and installed.

Wednesday afternoon, he called me on his way home from work and said the air conditioner had suddenly quit working. In 96-degree weather with 92% humidity making the heat index 107 or so. Not exactly the optimal time to have your car's a/c quit on you.

Hooray! not our problem after Friday afternoon when we drove home in the new one...with functional a/c.

Thank you, Universe, for a really lucky break.


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Re: Lucky or what?

Post by TigersEyeDowsing on Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:29 am

Hooooray! Love it.

"I am often told that Divine Science is a difficult religion to live, and that other forms of religious belief afford an easier way. Perhaps this is true; for in Divine Science we never hold anyone else responsible for the things that come to us; we hold ourselves responsible for meeting the experiences of the day with power and of living our own lives divinely." – Nona Brooks

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